My Course My Priority.” 

Ampaire Stellah

Secure your Future with Development Studies

Development studies is interdisciplinary, constituted through discipline such as Law, anthropology, sociology, gender, economics, political science and international relations, human geography among others. Various professional opportunities arise in development studies such as UN, intergovernmental organizations, NGO’s, private sector consultancy firms. A career in development studies will help you in being involved in your own country’s development and attend to various demands of it.

Indeed, development studies has a unique character because students are given a chance to study different relevant course units, talk of Research methodology which allows learners to research current and historical issues and also gives you a deeper understanding of what is currently happening in the world and why.

The main objective of the development studies course is to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed for a career in the field of development, give them a good understanding of the development experiences of different countries and empower them with the analytical and conceptual skills needed.


In addition to the above, development studies aim at equipping students with knowledge on how engendering of the development process can happen on the ground and practical skills in gender and development, which is necessary to work as gender specialists in organizations and projects. This critically assesses the present planning process as well as gender mainstreaming practices. It is essential for development practitioners both in government and non-government as well as aid agencies to be able to conduct and manage project cycles with gender perspective.

Also, business-related subjects are taught for example; Financial Management, Accounting and Statistics, Business administration and Entrepreneurship skills, which enables students to acquire different skills on how to invest in productive ventures by planning effectively and managing the finances of the organization. Furthermore, students are groomed to be ethical citizens, leaders and workers since they are given a chance to study development ethics.

As a development studies student, I urge the public to take up this course and enjoy its fruits since it produces citizens who have balanced knowledge and are well informed about the factors that influence development at the personal, local, national, regional and international level so that they make a positive contribution to the development of their own areas.