Master of Arts in Development Studies (MADS)



Development Studies as a discipline originates from the post-Second World War period.  It was part of Modern Development theory that was developed to explain how former colonies of Britain, France, Portugal, Spain and other European powers should be developed.  Modern Development Theory was concerned about how to transform and make countries that were gaining independence more productive.

Therefore, a new theoretical framework to understand what was happening in Less Developed Countries (LDCs) became necessary. This resulted into a discipline of Development Studies.  This discipline is now taught in many institutions of higher learning around the world including Kyambogo University (at Bachelors’ level). With excellence exhibited at Bachelor’s level, the Department of Development Studies at KYU would like to make further contribution by building a cadre of human resource to address development challenges at Master’s level.


In the last three decades, Uganda has undergone rapid socio-economic and political development that calls for interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary training in critical issues concerned with development (Resources management, Policy & Planning, Governance & Democracy, Economics, Peace and conflict, Human rights, Gender, Education, and Consultancy) because of their cardinal role today in development. 

The National desire to teach Development Studies as a core course unit to all University undergraduate students requires lecturers with a Master’s degree in Development Studies. Public service of Uganda recognized Development Studies as a key qualification and requirement for serving both public and private sectors, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) at National and International levels.

The introduction of Master of Arts in Development Studies (MADS) at Kyambogo University is designed to meet current development challenges.  MADS aims at producing highly and broadly trained individuals in the core areas of development.  Therefore, Uganda with its expanding public and private sectors, offers an opportunity for Kyambogo University to teach MADS and provide locally trained personnel in the aforementioned areas.

Target Group

The target group shall include all professionals in various fields of Arts and social sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Public Health, Education, Political Science, Business Management and Administration and other relevant fields.



Masters of Arts in Development Studies programme shall be managed by staff in the Department of Development Studies [Appendix B].  In addition, staff services from other faculties in the University and other institutions may be utilized. 

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The Department of Development Studies will utilize facilities (lecture rooms, office equipment and furniture, stores and libraries with e-learning facilities) of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Kyambogo University.


The programme shall be funded by privately sponsored students and development partners.