About the Department

Development Studies Department offers quality and competitive undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Kyambogo University, Uganda. It is an interdisciplinary field of study whose mission is to provide high-quality teaching, research, consultancy and public service in different sectors of human development. The Department prepares students for critical thinking on complex and multidimensional issues and problems affecting human society. Many of the graduates from the Department have been Mtraditionally absorbed as key players in various Government ministries and Departments, and now increasingly by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and the private sector.

Instituted in 2005, the Department was inaugurated as a section under the Department of Teacher Education and Extension in the Faculty of Education. Prior to this Development Studies was taught as a Professional study to all students that offered education programme at Kyambogo University a service still offered to over 5000 education students. On 30th June 2018 Teacher Education and Development Studies were split into five (5) Departments and Development Studies was one of the Department created. However,  it was to operate under the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences as authorised by National Council for Higher Education. As a result of the restructuring process at Kyambogo University and after thorough deliberations, public service established that Development Studies suits properly in Faculty of Social Sciences and effective January 2022 the Department is under the Faculty of Social Sciences. Since its inception, Bachelor of Developments has been attracting a total of 300 students every year with students offering core and elective courses that have seen them attain knowledge and skills relevant for development.

The Department also offers a Master of Arts in Development Studies (MADS) an evening programme aimed at increasing more qualified, specialized and technical labour force in the country and beyond to contribute more to national development. Besides that, the Department has been producing a class of researchers and development practitioners through quality teaching and applied research, yet thriving to uplift Kyambogo University in the world’s reputed higher education institutions

Potential Careers

  • Research Analyst
  • Community Development / Liaison Officer
  • Research Coordinator / Assistant
  • Educator
  • Public Policy Researcher
  • Senior Policy Analyst
  • Development Consultant
  • Management Consultant
  • Quality Control/ Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Project Coordinator/ Manager
  • Peace/ Human Rights Activist
  •  International Aid Worker
  • Social Worker
  • Immigration Officer
  • Programmes Advisor

Potential Employers

  • Universities/ Colleges
  • Government
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Business Association/ Corporate
  • Consulting Firms
  • International Relief Organizations
  • Trade and Import Agency
  • Youth leadership and Development Organizations
  • Conflict Management and Peace Constancy Agency

Upcoming Programs

  • PhD Development Studies
  • Gender and Women Studies
  • MA Rural development
  • Master of Social Sciences in Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Bachelor of Natural Resource Management

Our Staff