Department of Political Science and Public Administration

About Us

The department of Political Science and public administration department, under the stewardship of the Head of the Department who manages its day-to-day activities, was established in 2003 under the former History and Political Science Department. With the current population of 483 undergraduates, 41 PhD and 29 MA students, the department in its new context was launched on  January 1, 2022 in the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Academic Programmes

Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences (BASS)

The BASS programme is offered in Kyambogo University as one of the programmes in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. The Program is a blend of the Social Science disciplines of Social Administration, Sociology, Political Science and Psychology.

Bachelor of Public Administration and Resource Governance (APG)

The Department of Political Science and Public Administration in the Faculty of Social Sciences at Kyambogo University is proud to offer a three-year degree programme leading to the award of the degree of Bachelor of Public Administration and Resource Governance (APG).

Bachelor of Arts in Security and Diplomatic Studies (ASD)

Security and diplomacy are some of the fastest-growing areas of concern in the academic, corporate and public domains. This is due not only to the threats of war and terrorism but also because of rising crime, transboundary insecurity, global and national terrorism and political upheaval.

Departmental Research Focus

The department is organized around subfields of Political Science that broadly reflect conceptual and theoretical concerns of global and national focus

Message from the Head of Department

Welcome to the Department of Political Science and Public Administration at Kyambogo University. The department pursues academic excellence through the creation and sharing of knowledge about political and public administration phenomena, theories, methods and practice. Approaching the discipline from its diverse theoretical fields, our grand objective is to encourage principled, morally conscious, knowledgeable and actively engaged global citizenship, capable of adapting and leading in a fast-shifting worldwide atmosphere.  The department pursues its overarching ideals through steadfast teaching, community outreach, supervised practical internship and scholarly research. The latter intellectual and empirical interventions by our department are primarily designed to advance and impart civic engagement skills in our students.


Head of Department